oopss! don't get to jealous :P

thanks for viewing my blog :)

forever :)

forever :)

my new year

its been ages i did not update myself here :)
sweetie.. don get mad ya :P u know im busy right?
so.. i will update myself with my result first :)
i got 5A 3B 1C
A - maths, add math, ekonomi, physic, english
B+ - bm and moral
B - sejarah
C chemistry
:) chemistry isnt my favourite at all..
hahaha.. i've decided to go for form 6.
but im not sure what subject should i take yet.
hmmm its either physic or ekonomi.
im choosing between it :)
tell me what should i've choose. :P
i wanna be a teacher :) but i know its not that easy right? :)

next.. its about my love story :P
hahahaha.. do i have any?
im waiting for the right one anyone :)
i know i can find a good one..
what i want is the right one.
not the first one to hurt me
but the first and the last person i will love :)
as what they've said
love cant rush my dear :)
hehez.. thanks to my sweetie..
kay la. will update to u soon :)

my new year

happy valentine's day :)

Its been a time I did not update my blog.
Many things happen this few months.
First of all.
I would like to say, happy chinese new year to my friend and also happy valentine's day..
And of cause my beloved sweetie.
Including my family <3
My sister got engaged already
Until now, I still don know what is her reason of getting engagement.
>< work work work..
That is my life after I finish spm.
Not really happy with my working life.
Cause my happiness all lost.
Happiness of joking with friends. S
tudying together.its really a joy for me.
I really wanna go back to this life as soon as I can.
Im not joking. I hate working life.
Mayb I do not suit the feeling of selling cloth.
Well, that’s the worst job I don wan to have it.
But who understand how I feel? No one.
Only me myself and i. my best friend at ns.
I got no one to talk to at all. Hmmm….
Who can tell me that you can be the best listener?
I just want a friend or a soulmate to listen to me talking.
I just cant find one.
you so over this time..
what do you mean by blocking me from your fb?
i mean what the F*CK you wan from me..
i am the one who should treat you like this
but instead of me doing that..
u doing it first. its like~ oh god..
what did i done wrongly? :(
The time passed fast.anyway. its will be a longer time for me to update my blog already.
So take care

what a toture :(

i quarrel with him the other day :(
talking about her girlfriend..
ya.. he got a girlfriend already..
and that girl wasnt his ex ><
i dont know who is that...
he always says that he remember those promises he made with me..
but he never make it :(
i just wanna ask u a question..
do you love me before? ><
i did, i love you with my whole heart but u hurt it..
today my supervisor was deeply hurt by her ex..
i hate that guy so much..
i kinda pity her..
anyway, i just hope that she will be fine one day :)
the feeling will gonna fade soon..
don worry dear :)
i dont even know where did my heart gone to.. to whom?
whom do i love now? @@
i really don know...
i cant always update myself anymore..
cause busy with working and my house no more internet ><>
all the best to my reader :)

happy new year :)

it's another year :)
and i am still single.. hahah
really don know the reason why. xD
slitty and jasmine is going to plkn :(
apart from each other about 3 months eh..
seriously gonna miss them hmmmm..
went out with them when im having an off day..
my off day were still full of things that make me cant rest at all..
haiz.. i really need a shoulder for me to lie on.. hmmm..
there are few pictures of me with them one..
we din took 3 people picture because we don wan LOL..
we don want to leave each other ba :)
have to sleep le.. hmmm i miss you and love you tata